I am a mental health nurse and have spent my career supporting people to improve their physical and mental well-being. Increasing our awareness of the reasons we do the things we do, opens up so many opportunities to develop and progress. How do I know this? Because I watch people go through this learning process every day, achieving things they never believed they were capable of. 

I'm also very aware that it is not just the techniques that are important, but creating a warm and safe environment for my clients to be able to explore their challenges. I'm a friendly and approachable person, with an ability to quickly put people at ease and make them feel they have the space to let their confidence grow.

My training as a Personal & Performance Coach allows me to support you to find what you want, why you want it and most importantly the confidence to go out and get it. Using Neuro-linguistic programming alongside this, I will also increase your awareness of your current language & behaviour patterns, how they are affecting you & how to use them to your advantage.  Techniques from CBT, mindfulness, motivational interviewing and other psychological therapies will also be incorporated into your treatment

I never stop working on how I can be the best coach for my clients and I am incredibly passionate about what I do. The power of coaching continues to amaze me personally and professionally. My belief that we can all keep learning & developing, at any time in our lives, inspires me and my practice.

  • ​BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing

  • MSc Non-Medical Prescribing

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Addiction Studies

  • Dipl Personal & Performance Coaching

  • Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming  ​

  • Advanced Practitioner in Motivational Interviewing


What my clients say

"I found Judith incredibly easy to talk to. As a result of her coaching I have discovered so much about myself. I am now working to change my negative ideas and beliefs which have been causing me so much anxiety and I feel confident that I am much better equipped to handle what life throws at me." 

- Anna Woodward