December 6, 2018

Have you ever heard yourself say ‘You made me feel....’ ?

If the answer is yes, have you ever stopped to analyse whether this is true? Can someone else make you FEEL something? And, if we believe this to be true, what are the implications ? 

First, lets start...

June 7, 2018

We all have different ways of coping with difficult or challenging situations. Lots of things influence what coping strategy we choose to use; how tired we are, other demands, past experience etc. 

But why is avoidance a common coping strategy and what are the pros and...

June 7, 2018

I often see people who are desperate to move away from worrying: a disruptive and habitual thinking pattern. One of the first questions I ask them is “ If you weren’t worrying what would you be doing instead?” The answer is always, “I don't know!”

So what is the opposit...

March 1, 2018

When it comes to making a decision, how much do you know about what is influencing you?  Time, money, your needs, other's needs. All these things may come into play when making a decision. But how do you not only make a decision, but feel you have made the right decisi...

February 4, 2018

 Being an introvert can be viewed as a negative characteristic. Introverts often prefer not to be the centre of attention, would rather listen than talk, and like to spend time alone.

But why is this often seen as secondary or inferior to those...

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