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If you were asked 'What do you want?'

   Would you start by saying what you don't want?

​When we focus on what we are unhappy with  we can't clarify what happiness would be. This lack of clarity can mean you find yourself stuck, or coming back around to the same place again and again. 

Coaching is an extremely effective method to achieve clarity on how you want things to be. It supports you to move from where you are to where you want to be, in the right way for you. Teamed with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and other cognitive approaches coaching has a powerful influence on your ability to achieve change and your full potential. 

​The knowledge and learning gained during the process will continue to benefit you whatever life throws at you. 

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- Change bad habits or negative patterns 

- Create total life balance 

-  Develop deep confidence and endless self-belief

- Eradicate worry or anxiety  

- Grow stronger relationships 

- Get clarity on your purpose or role

- Navigate change or challenges effortlessly



    Our brains love routine and habits ...

but sometimes we can pick up habits that are unhelpful or even harmful to us. If not changed they can cause things like anxiety, worry, indecision, addiction and depression. 

Coaching is a great way to better understand yourself and what drives you as an individual. This learning enables you to start making confident and future focused decisions, based on what you want.

Complete Life Coaching offers a unique coaching experience thanks to Judith's extensive training and lengthy experience. We specialise in supporting individuals to make the changes they want to make, whether that be Internal change - the way you think and feel or​ External change - the way you want life to be.

We can help you get there.