Life can become so overwhelming, with competing demands on your time, energy, finances and more, it is easy to lose your balance. This can result in fatigue, feelings of being a failure or that you are letting yourself or others down. Our focus often falls on the things we feel we are not succeeding at, rather than the things we are. We look to do better, be better, achieve more, which only creates more work! However, it is often not our level of achievement that is the problem.


So how can you do less and achieve more? To achieve balance, clarity on what works and awareness of what is not working is key. But it can be hard to identify when you are in the thick of it. This programme will give you the  time and support to focus on the above, with simple but effective strategies to put in place that will re-stabilise and prioritise the areas most important to you. The result, the freedom to enjoy your life again and the skills to recognise and avoid instability. 

The programme is based on theory from solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, performance coaching, neuro-linguistic programming & motivational interviewing. 

Options & Pricing​


This programme includes one to one coaching sessions, access to questionnaires and other resources and email support. Sessions will be flexible and tailored to your goals and needs. 

The programme can be delivered face to face at clinics based in Leeds or Harrogate or via web chat*.  This will be dependent on your circumstances and preference.  

*Payment for sessions delivered via web chat to be made via bank transfer a minimum of 24 hrs prior to session taking place. 

Individual sessions - £75 Initial consultation & £65 for all follow-up appointments. 

Programme Price - Between £320-£450 dependent on quantity of sessions booked. 

Contact us to book your free 20 minute phone consultation.


Clinic in North Harrogate


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