asked questions

How does coaching differ from other one to one support such as counselling?

The focus of coaching is to look to the future and what you want to achieve. Whilst experiences from your past may be touched on, this is with the aim to clarify the impact this is having on moving things forward, not to analyse and explore those experiences.

Will I have to meet my coach face to face?

Coaching can be successfully delivered face to face, over the phone or using internet based web chat (eg skype). This may be dependent on your needs (frequency of sessions, location, time restraints or other commitments) and will be agreed when arranging your first appointment.


How many sessions will I need?

The amount of sessions will vary depending on your reasons for accessing coaching. On average 4-6 one hour sessions over a 2-3 month period would be advised.

What is the cost?

​The amount varies dependent on how you choose to pay. Sessions paid for individually cost £75 per session, or a package of 4 sessions costs £290 or 6 sessions £435. 

Is there a cancellation policy?

I would ask for at least 48hrs notice of a cancellation, otherwise the session may still be charged. Of course all circumstances will be taken into consideration and as much flexibility offered as possible. 

*see Coaching Agreement for more info


What will be expected of me?​

Your coach will have no expectations of you other than you attend your session on time, be focused on the session and be as open and honest as you feel able. You will be treated in a non-judgemental way and the session will be confidential*. 

*except in cases of safeguarding or by law. See Code of Ethics

What will I need at my first session?

All you will need is you and perhaps a pen and paper (one will also be provided if required). You will be asked to complete an initial questionnaire prior to your first appointment and if possible send it back prior to the day of your first appointment. 

*Initial Questionnaire