Confidence can mean different things to different people. Whether you are extroverted or introverted, young or old, rich or poor, achieving confidence can be challenging & complicated. So how do you achieve it, not just in one thing, but across the board?

Confidence is more than just knowing you can do something, it's also about self belief. Trusting in yourself that you will handle what comes your way, is very different to knowing you are capable of something. It is adaptive to all situations and allows an individual to step out of their comfort zone and thrive. The programme will help you understand what confidence means to you, how to build it & what you will do once you have it. Whether it is confidence in a certain situation (work, public speaking, relationships) or an overall sense of a more confident you, we will look to identify the desired outcome & work to move you in that direction. 

The programme is based on theory from positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, performance coaching, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, social behaviour and network therapy & neuro-linguistic programming. You will be given time, space and commitment to the changes you want to make. I will work with you at a pace you feel comfortable with and without judgement. 

   Options & Pricing​


         This programme includes one to one coaching sessions, a written record of each session and email support between sessions if                     required. Sessions will be flexible and tailored to your goals and needs. 

         The programme can be delivered face to face at clinics based in Leeds or Harrogate or via web chat*.  This will be dependent on                 your circumstances and preference.  

          *Payment for sessions delivered via web chat to be made via bank transfer a minimum of 24 hrs prior to session taking place. 

        Individual sessions - £75 

        Programme Price - Between £290-£435 dependent on quantity of sessions booked.

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