Change can be fun, exciting & is a healthy and normal part of life. It can also be uncertain, unexpected & overwhelming. Knowing what route to take, how to move forward & trust yourself can be hard to manage. 


Whether it is a change you are planning (a different job, relocating) or a change that has happened to you (relationship breakdown, redundancy), there are always challenges to navigate. They will include big or difficult decisions about the best route forward, for you and for those around you. Lack of clarity can leave people feeling stuck. 

This programme will support you to navigate through those difficult decisions & find confidence in your route forward. It will allow you to consider your options from all angles, see how best to take action & have greater clarity about the impact this will have. We will also take the time to look at why you think and feel the way you do, what influences this & how to recognise patterns. This gives you the ability to make choices based on a greater understanding of the way you operate, not just on what's happening around you. This leaves you feeling more in control & connected to your true self. 


The programme is based on theory from cognitive behavioural therapy, performance coaching, motivational interviewing, social behaviour and network therapy & neuro-linguistic programming. You will be given time, space & commitment to the changes you want to address. I will work with you at a pace you feel comfortable with & without judgement. 

       Options & Pricing​


         This programme includes one to one coaching sessions, access to questionnaires and other resources and email support. Sessions             will be flexible and tailored to your goals and needs. 

         The programme can be delivered face to face at clinics based in Leeds or Harrogate or via web chat*.  This will be dependent on                 your circumstances and preference.  

          *Payment for sessions delivered via web chat to be made via bank transfer a minimum of 24 hrs prior to session taking place. 

         Individual sessions - £75 Initial consultation & £65 for all follow-up appointments. 

         Programme Price - Between £320-£450 dependent on quantity of sessions booked. 

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