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Hi, I’m Judith from Complete Life Coaching and I would like to tell you about my programme Body Image & Eating Habits.

The way we look hugely affects the way we feel, but what influences the way we feel about the way we look? Our society has a very fixed view about what is okay and what isn’t, but as this changes dependent on what society you live in, does any of it really matter?

If you felt good about yourself regardless of the way you looked, how would that feel? How would that affect the way you behave? How would that affect what you believe? How would you live your life and what would you be able to achieve?

The terrible thing is that so many of us constantly live with a feeling that we are not okay, that we don’t fit in, and we are sometimes willing to put ourselves at great risk to try to achieve something else. If this sounds familiar, this programme is for you!

It is not about changing the way you look, it's about changing the way you view yourself. Sessions will look at what you currently believe about the way you look, and consider what would need to change for you to feel good about yourself. If you are modifying your behaviour around eating because of the way you currently view yourself, this will also be looked at. The desired outcome is a healthier view and better relationship with yourself.

The programme draws on techniques from performance coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), solution focused therapy (SFT),neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and mindfulness. It will expand your thinking and therefore the options available to you, increasing your feeling of choice and sense of control and ease. This increased awareness of what strategies work best for you will allow you to use them time and time again in the future.

Coaching is one of the fastest growing forms of one to one support or self-development. It works using simple but insightful questions to concentrate the mind of what you want, as opposed to what you don’t want, and helps you recognise the right way for you to move forward, much faster and more efficiently than without this support.

Coaching with Complete Life Coaching differs from other support because of the breadth of therapeutic interventions used flexibly to match your needs. In the most part, your coaching will focus on the future. Whilst past experiences will be touched upon, this will be with a view to understand how this is impacting on you now and in the future.

Clinics are available in Harrogate & Leeds, or your coaching can be delivered via web based chat (Skype/Face-time).

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Judith Williams - Complete Life Coaching

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