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When it comes to making a decision, how much do you know about what is influencing you? Time, money, your needs, other's needs. All these things may come into play when making a decision. But how do you not only make a decision, but feel you have made the right decision?

People often come to see me looking for help to make a decision that they feel paralysed to make. Whichever route they consider taking leaves them feeling they might miss out on something else, or that they would regret the decision in the future. Part of the reason they feel so stuck, is that the decision has become very black and white, it has been narrowed down, and the bigger picture, or reason for the decision in the first place, lost.

So how can decision paralysis be avoided?

Expand your thinking - Look again at what you wanted to achieve in the first place and why it mattered to you. Move away from the practicalities of the decision for now, and focus on the reason for the decision. Ask yourself, "What would be achieved by making a decision? What would be lost if no decision was made? What would it look and feel like once action had been taken?" Once this is clear, you will be more in tune with your needs and less restricted by the practicalities.

Break it down - If the decision involves practical actions break the actions down and consider - "What needs doing? Who can do it or help? When does it need doing by? What barriers might I come up against? What solutions can I think of?"

Change your thinking - If you find yourself unable to make a decision due to fear you will regret it. Ask yourself, "What will I lose if I let regret get in my way? What do I need to get comfortable with to accept any outcome? How much am I worrying about what others will think and how important is that to me?"

The more comfortable we are with uncertainty and the less we focus on expectations, either our own or other people's, the less fear we feel and the more open to opportunity we become. A decision is as big or small as we make it in our minds, even the ones that would have a huge impact. Don't let decision paralysis beat you.Trust your instincts not your fears.

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