A Complete Challenge

I recently went for my first run of the year on a cold but beautiful morning and wondered why exercise had disappeared from my life, even though I know the physical and mental benefits. 

I often hear this question in sessions with clients. Their reasons can vary from a lack of time, poor motivation or a fear of judgement. For me, I recognised that a lack of motivation was because I had no clear outcome or goal, therefore exercise was pushed down my priority list time and time again.

I recently heard Zoe Ball talking about her epic bike ride from Blackpool to Brighton, driven by her desire to raise awareness around mental health, following the loss of her partner to suicide. She talked after about the overwhelming feeling she had from achieving something she never thought she could and this had opened the flood gates to won’t more.

So, I am looking for help, and for willing volunteers, to set some potentially challenging goals, just to see if I can push myself further than I currently believe possible. Run, jump, swim - I’m in! 

Please help me by posting suggestions of events/challenges in the coming months on the Facebook page and letting me know if you want to push your own boundaries and sign up too! 

Here’s to stepping out of your comfort zone!!!! 

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