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Whether you have a problem that is causing you stress and anxiety, or looking to move away from a pattern of thinking that leaves you anxious and worrying about anything and everything, this programme will work for you. 

The side effects of stress and anxiety include fatigue, poor concentration, disturbed sleep, changes in appetite and loss of confidence. It can negatively affect relationships, performance at work, social activities and many other aspects of life. 

Often anxiety is a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. But it can quickly become the problem and may escalate over time if not resolved. Whilst medication can be helpful, understanding the triggers to anxiety and what is contributing to stress, can in itself relieve the symptoms. Finding clarity on what needs to change in order to resolve the problem can have a life changing effect.

Your coach will work with you to understand the nature of the problem and support you to identify the appropriate resolution. Sessions will be tailored to your needs and focus on areas such as solution focused therapy, tolerating uncertainty & changing negative thinking patterns. The aim will be to not only find resolutions to immediate issues, but building in changes that will alter the way you manage stressful or anxiety provoking situations in the future. 


The programme is based on theory from cognitive behavioural therapy, performance coaching, motivational interviewing, mindfulness & neuro-linguistic programming. You will be given time, space and commitment to the changes you want to address. I will work with you at a pace you feel comfortable with and without judgement. 

"From a young age anxiety has truly ruled  my life..."    


Options & Pricing​

This programme includes one to one coaching sessions, access to questionnaires and other resources and email support. Sessions will be flexible and tailored to your goals and needs. 

The programme can be delivered face to face at clinics based in Leeds or Harrogate or via web chat*.  This will be dependent on your circumstances and preference.  

*Payment for sessions delivered via web chat to be made via bank transfer a minimum of 24 hrs prior to session taking place. 

Individual sessions - £75 Initial consultation & £65 for all follow-up appointments. 

Programme Price - Between £320-£450 dependent on quantity of sessions booked. 

Contact us to book your free 20 minute phone consultation.

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