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     Want to introduce a culture of positive psychology at work?

According to HSE 17.9 million working days have been lost due to stress, anxiety & depression (LFS 2019-20). With the added pressure being faced in the current climate, expectations are that this will rise & hugely impact an already struggling work force. 


Learning  about how our psychology affects our habits, communication, productivity, confidence & rapport with others, can offer huge value within an organisation. It is a positive & affirming way to develop a staff group's skills and resilience. 

Coach led training is an engaging & relaxed way to increase  psychological awareness within organisations,  helping to improve individuals wellbeing & the overall productivity of the staff group. 

- Improve performance

- Develop resilience 

-  Enhance communication skills

- Increase confidence

- Grow a positive psychology culture

- Support positive & lasting change

- Improve working relationships

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    Knowledge is power...

           Understanding is growth

Training with Complete life coaching aims to increase individuals understanding & awareness of the psychology behind behaviour & behaviour change, in order to improve performance, confidence & enjoyment of working life.  



Managing pressure, handling criticism & feeling able step out of your comfort zone can for some people lead to feelings of fear & vulnerability. Resilience is all about individuals not only being able to manage this, but use it as a way to grow and develop. 

This workshop will define resilience, provide tools to manage individuals response to fear and vulnerability & create a culture of confidence & growth. 

Stress Management

Understanding our emotional responses is the first strep to understanding how to manage stress. Once we have this understanding we can judge where change can occur to get a different outcome & create new habits. 


The workshop will offer an overview of the impact of stress on cognitive function, habits and their impact & techniques to manage both acute and chronic stress. 

Habits & Behaviour Change

Habits can be extremely useful when it comes to productivity, efficiency & stress. But it we have formed habits that reduce the former and we are not aware of them, they cause reoccurring harm to the individual & those around them. 

This workshop aim to increase attendees awareness of why we form habits, how we change habits & exercises on recognise & formulate new habits in the work place. 


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