Being told you have dyslexia can mean different things to different people. For some it may help them understand why they have felt different, for others it may increase their feeling of being different. For me, it meant I was stupid. I now know this is not true, but during my school years this belief hugely impacted my motivation, confidence and stopped me pushing myself to do the things I wanted to do. 

Dyslexia can have a huge impact on you no matter your age. Although over the years our understanding of dyslexia has increased, support still focuses on strategies to manage the symptoms, rather than considering the emotional impact of the diagnosis. The aim of this programme is not only to learn strategies to  manage the challenges of being dyslexic, but also help you understand & challenge any negative beliefs that being dyslexic holds for you. 

The programme is based on theory from neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, performance coaching & motivational interviewing.

       Options & Pricing​


         This programme includes one to one coaching sessions, a written record of each session and email support between sessions if                     required. Sessions will be flexible and tailored to your goals and needs. 

         The programme can be delivered face to face at clinics based in Leeds or Harrogate or via web chat*.  This will be dependent on                 your circumstances and preference.  

          *Payment for sessions delivered via web chat to be made via bank transfer a minimum of 24 hrs prior to session taking place. 

        Individual sessions - £75 

        Programme Price - Between £290-£435 dependent on quantity of sessions booked. 

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